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The Kendra Chiota Payne Global Studies Award is funded by a memorial endowment created from the donations of family, friends, and teammates of Kendra Chiota Payne, Class of 2006.  Kendra was a dedicated student athlete and world traveler.  Shortly before her graduation, while on a triathlon team training ride on Gibraltar Road, she was struck by a truck and killed.


Kendra had an amazing energy and zest for life.  She was a global citizen who lived on three continents and visited over 30 countries during her 21 years of life.  She intended to go into the Peace Corps in Africa after graduation.  Kendra exhibited tremendous compassion for others and was particularly interested in fostering economic and social development of women and children in developing countries.  She was a colorful individual whose incredible athletic abilities were only matched by her humility. In 2005 she climbed to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro.  She encouraged others to believe in themselves and inspired them to go after their heartfelt dreams and goals.  Her tenacity and generous spirit continue to live on in all of those touched by her life.


This award shall be awarded to an upper-division or graduate student participating in an internship abroad, perhaps working with a non-governmental organization, in a developing country in Africa or Asia, involved in work which will advance educational and/or economic development opportunities for women and children.


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