Giving Online to the UCSB Sustainable Transportation Fund

Tax deductible gifts to the Sustainable Transportation Fund provide financial support for more environmentally friendly choices for UCSB commuters.

The funds may be used for (but are not limited to) subsidies to UCSB vanpools, carpools, carshare, bus and train commuting, bike path improvements, and the purchase of bicycle racks and lockers.

UCSB's thirteen vanpools alone reduce vehicle miles traveled by campus commuters by 3.2 million miles per year.  The vanpool program in turn reduces campus commuters' consumption of gasoline by 128,000 gallons per year - an amount that would have created 2.3 million pounds of carbon dioxide, a common green house gas.

Every dollar you give to the UCSB Sustainable Transportation Fund makes a positive difference in the air we share by encouraging the use of more sustainable forms of transportation by campus commuters.

Gifts to the UCSB Sustainable Transportation Fund may be earmarked to support any or all of the programs above.

Money contributed to the Sustainable Transportation Fund that is spent on infrastructure improvements such as bicycle paths or bicycle racks or bicycle lockers helps UCSB in perpetuity.

There has never been a more important time for GAUCHOS TO GIVE TO GAUCHOS!

For more information about supporting the UCSB Sustainable Transportation Fund, please contact Chris Pizzinat at 805-893-5126 or

Thank you for making a gift to UC Santa Barbara.

If you are having problems with this page and/or can't find the fund/area to which you wish to give please call (805) 893-2112 for personal assistance, or e-mail

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