Help Africa’s hungry Sahel region to a better tomorrow
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Transporting seeds to vulnerable agricultural and herding communities. ©FAO/Issouf Sanogo
Help Africa’s hungry Sahel region to a better tomorrow

The Sahel region is a hot dry band of land stretching across Africa. Severe drought followed by heavy rains and flooding took a heavy toll this past year. Poor harvests, high food prices and fighting made matters worse in the Sahel, producing a food and nutrition crisis affecting up to 18 million people.

FAO has already helped almost 5 million get back on their feet, but millions more are still in need of urgent assistance. With veterinary services, seeds, tools and other supplies, rural families can earn their own living again. FAO is also addressing the root causes of recurrent suffering in the region, helping people prepare for future shocks and become less dependent on food aid.

With a small donation, YOU can make a long-term difference:

• A donation of US$ 50 buys a vaccinated goat for a family in Niger. Goat's milk and meat are important sources of nutrition for children and adults.

• A donation of only US$ 7 buys enough grain and vegetable seed for a family of seven to produce food for 3-4 months in Burkina Faso. Some of the food can be sold for cash income, to cover expenses like school fees.

Help families in the Sahel recover their dignity and get ready to face the future.


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